How to Improve Touch Typing Speed Like a Pro?

Typing Speed – The advancement of technology is evolving the role of online typing platforms and reducing the use of pen and paper-based typing. Now, you can get typing on your fingers as the use of mobiles has made it easy. But, in order to support accurate touch typing and learning, there is a need to involve some practice. It can enable you to make typing a fast, accurate, and hassle-free chore. It can also boost your productivity level whether you are a working individual, student, or want to learn fast-touch typing to achieve a particular goal.

Tips To Improve Touch Typing Speed

Here are some useful tips that can prove really helpful for you so let’s take a look at them below.

Do Practice the Right Way for improving Typing Speed

There is a popular phrase that practice makes a man perfect. But, it could prove wrong if you are not doing practice in the right way. The best way is to take a self-improve challenge. So, if you want to grow your typing speed on Android then you should type daily to become a master in it. In order to make practice a beneficial endeavor, you can consider using an online app. Let’s say that if you want to learn touch typing in Malayalam, then you can use the ISM Malayalam mobile app.

It is a good application that comes with Unicode support and an Inscript mobile keyboard. ISM Malayalam facilitates chatting, sending messages, typing on social media, and sending emails by using the mobile. Many projects such as education franchise in India have also used this API.

Be Calm and Confident

It is true that no one can become a champ overnight. So, you should keep in mind that getting perfection in touch typing could take time. While typing on your android phone, be comfortable by sitting straight. Just focus on the writing by starting with a paragraph or short note typing. Remember, you should keep yourself free from the stress as it would not serve your purpose. If possible, download ms-word on your android from the Google play store and start typing content that you want. Repeat typing until you find self-satisfaction and get the perfect speed with continuous practice.

Start Online Chatting


It could be a good initiative if you start chatting with a friend online through your mobile. If you are active on social media then just start typing on the messenger to send texts to a friend to form a communication. It will help you to convey your message without making a phone call and can also serve your purpose of touch typing practice. Keep in mind to avoid looking at the keyboard many times while typing. It would not help you to reach your goal fast and would increase more chances of mistakes. Keep an eye on the keyboard just for taking an idea of the tabs that you want to use for typing. Then try to attempt it without looking at the keyboard.

Use Online Tools

For flawless typing, you can also consider using online typing tools that are available online. These tools are free to download and use so you would not have any issues. You can pick one as per the requirement of the language that you want to type. For instance, you can download Amar Bangla if typing in Bengali is your primary need. It is a good application that can convert your English text automatically into Bengali.

You just have to type in English and Amar Bangla will do the rest of the task with perfection. It would be a great idea if you want to prevent yourself from the hassle of finding fonts and appropriate keyboards to write in Bengali. You can simply write with the normal keyboard that is set by default on your android.

Set a Goal

Well, it is true when it comes to becoming perfect in something. You must set a goal to reach it slowly and steadily. If you have a target to type 100 words per minute, then first start with half of the amount. When you achieve the initial goal then increase it by more with 10 or 20 words per minute. One day, you will achieve the benchmark of 100 wpm that would really be a rewarding moment for you.

The Bottom Line – Typing Speed

Achieving perfection in touch typing is not a daunting task since it only requires following the best strategies. With the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can achieve it and become a pro at forming text with speed and accuracy. Online tools can also prove helpful for multiple language typing. You will also get to know about it in NDA coaching in Chandigarh.

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