How to Report Fake Instagram Profile?

How to Report Fake Instagram Profile – Hello there, Had Someone created Your Fake Instagram Profile and He or She is Making it Embarrassing or Misusing it? Then Most Probably a Question arises that How to Report Fake Instagram Profile If you ask from Me then As your Big Brother I can Help you to delete that Fake account from Instagram.

Now What Will I Do to Delete that Fake Profile, No I Will not Do anything all the Work is to be done By you. We Will Just Explain to you How to Delete Someone’s Fake Profile on Instagram.

Now I think we should not waste our time, We Should Just Focus on How can we Delete that account. So for that, You have to Read This Full Blog Post Carefully from Point to Point. Make Sure If you skipped any Point then there may be a Chance to get Failed in Reporting that Insurance Profile.

SO let’s Begin…

How to Report Fake Instagram Profile?

How to Report Fake Instagram Profile?

To Report the Instagram Profile you have to Visit the Link (Mentioned Below). Make Sure you don’t go directly to that Link as if you miss any step then this is not going to work for you.

Now once you will click on this link you will get to a New page. There You will Find several scenarios. So now we are going with a “fake account Report” option. if someone has created your figure you need to click on the second option here you can see someone created an account pretending to meet or be afraid. Now here are  two options so this is for you or your friend so now I’m going with the first option yes

FOR EXAMPLE: Let me am a person hereafter this test form will open. Now here you need to write George what is your full name. So this is just an example I’m showing you now you need to write the email address. So you need to write an email address that you have given an Instagram account. In case if you don’t remember what is the email that you have given in your Instagram account. Then you can check it or if anyhow if you don’t know then you can enter any working email here email ID’s option. It is really very important because this is where Instagram will send you an email.

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So this would be a working email address show once you will enter the email address. Here now the next option is the full name listed on the account that you are reporting. So here we need to write the full name of that fake account. For example, if so I will search any account here. So if this is an account I need to take the full name that is just beside the profile picture status Priyanka Chopra Georgius. Now, this is what you need to write so here you can see the full name and the next is the username. Show the username is the one where you can see the beside of the blue tick.

So what you can do you can click on this tree thought you can click on copy profile URL cohere and paste it and just remove everything so remove everything till? Also, remove everything here from the slash so this is a username of 10 profiles. After this here you need to upload a photo with ID proof.

So what type of ID proof do you have to upload here and how do you need to click a photo. Here you can see a sample image so in this way, you need to click a photo. You need to ask someone to click on this photo. As you should bold ID proof in your head and your face should be visible and your ID proof should be visible you have uploaded this photo. Here you need to write a brief description about that account that person that fake account so you can write a maximum of 20 to 25 words. week details about that fake account what they have done what they are using like you are using they are using your photo or what they are using what they are doing with your account.

Now you need the right information and you need to click on send Button and All Done. So these were all under How to Report Fake Instagram Profile.

So How much Time Will Take to get a reply?

After clicking on sending many people will have I doubt how much time it will take so you need to wait for 24 hours to 72 hours so within 72 hours you will get an email from Instagram so you will get an email here you have mentioned in your email address so in this email, you will receive an email from Instagram so after this you will get a confirmation what is the status like they are taking down what is the reason or whatever explanation is there you will get it from Instagram so I hope this video is used for you thank you.

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