Due to the exponential growth in online marketing in 2020, it is becoming more important to plan and/or consolidate a solid SEO strategy.

Both the international and the Italian SEO have changed in the past twelve months due to the pandemic.

One could argue that SEO evolved because of a shift by consumers.

Let us start by saying that site usability will be one of the key ranking factors for 2021. What Effect Does SEO Have On Your Search?


What can brand owners do to increase their authority within the industry they work in?

  • Emphasizing content will help you increase your brand authority and sell more of your product or service online.
  • Avoid talking about irrelevant topics. Instead, focus on your brand’s main field of expertise. Get as many people as possible to talk about you and what it does on the internet.
  • Your brand and how you communicate your content should be kept fresh. Instead of relying on static content, keep your website content current to show Google that your industry knowledge is growing.
  • Use the expertise of real experts. To establish credibility, authority, trust, and legitimacy on your site, you should feature thought leadership from well-respected sources.


1: Priority will be Mobile-First Indexing

You have probably heard of mobile-optimized sites and their importance over the last few years. It is a key reason to improve the SEO strategy that you use on your website.

Since Google began to consider mobile pages as main pages for websites, desktop versions have been a secondary priority. With the new mobile compatibility update for 2019, search engine optimization has seen a shift in how it works.

Mobile SEO is key to your website, and ultimately to business success. Therefore, authoritative media sources like ANSA have started to talk about m-Commerce, a new type of e-commerce. It is only for users who purchase from a tablet or smartphone.

The main reason that has become so popular is the significant rise in internet users accessing the web from their mobile devices.

2: Google’s new EAT Algorithm will dominate

Although the phrase content is the king is beginning to sound a bit old, it is a new fact that is directly related to the importance of content on websites.

It has been a good SEO practice to follow the Google algorithm guidelines, but we are now beginning to understand the EAT concept.

The acronym EAT stands for Expertise Authority Trust. The concept itself covers the idea that a copywriter/writer/journalist is a proven professional in the industry in which they work.

Google will accept only publicly available content that does not hurt the lives of people.

Google’s EAT will be implemented in 2021. It will search for authentic and quality content written by industry experts.

It is better to have positive reviews from customers and others to make this EAT algorithm work. Google will consider your company an expert that authorized users can trust if it receives positive feedback about your website and services.

High-quality backlinks are a great way to improve your site’s SEO and link-building skills.

3: Voice Search Will Change Search Queries

People are exploring new features on their smartphones as social distancing becomes more common in 2020. In the United States, around 111.8 million people use voice assistants per month.

Surprisingly it makes up over a third of the country’s population. Half of the smartphone users use voice search technology.

People actively use voice search functions thanks to the innovations in Google Assistant (Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa).

It’s an easy-to-use and practical item to have in your everyday life. By 2022, 55% of households will own smart speakers.

Long-tail keywords are a great way to capitalize on this trend in your business. Find and identify long phrases that people use when searching for something on search engines.

Voice searches produce better results with longer, more natural-sounding sentences.

4: Keywords Will Be Replaced by Search Intent

It is no longer the case that keywords were the most important part of any SEO strategy. It is 2021 and the time has come to pay attention to the user’s search intent.

Google has long wanted content creators to create material that is most relevant to the users’ needs, but many have focused only on on-site rankings. Because the intent and behavior change constantly, it is more important to pay attention to the questions. This is because Google can be contacted if you have a question and want to know more.



SEO is getting richer and more detailed, as this article demonstrates. SEO is no longer limited to keywords optimization. The current SEO trends require you to consider everything, from SEO for images and vocals to SEO for videos. A digital specialist can help you to increase your SEO.


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